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Every year, over 23,000 people are severely injured or killed in preventable forklift accidents

Don't let that happen on your watch! 

At CE-DFW, your safety is our priority. That's why we have an on-staff OSHA-Authorized Trainer ready to provide safety training for you and your team. With in-house and on-site training options, we make it as easy as we can on you to keep your employees safe, and keep your business legal in the eyes of OSHA. Don't wait another day to schedule your training class; it's just not worth the risk! 

Call us today to register your team for our Safety Training Classes (817) 595.5995

Convenient Safety Training Options

With 3 convenient options, you don't have a reason to wait another day!

Option 1: Schedule a time to bring your team to our headquarters and train them on our equipment. 

Option 2: Bring our OSHA Trainer to your location to train everyone on your turf. 

Option 3: Join us at our office on the last Thursday of any month to join in on our regularly scheduled class.

Don't let this happen to you...

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